Becoming a Mentor

Mentoring is at the heart of the CAPS experience. The level of involvement can vary depending on student needs and mentor availability. We do not “grade” the mentoring process, but we do ask that students set up at least one initial face-to-face meeting with their mentor early in the semester, and a minimum of one more face-to-face meeting by the last month of the term. It is certainly our hope that students will take full advantage of a mentor’s willingness to share their wisdom and time, and be able to meet or communicate by email more frequently. The students who have benefited the most from your mentoring relationship are the ones who meet regularly with mentors and ask questions regarding their business and project plans, career explorations, and other life choices they are making right now.

Mentoring program brochure.

To learn more about the mentoring program contact Jennifer Collet at or 913-239-5939.