Professional Experienced Based Learning and Career Focused Skill Development

Take Your Classroom to the Real World

In ACCEL academies, students participate in a unique, immersive experience to become skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders ACCEL provides a unique learning experience (via actual courses and in areas such as project management, data science, entrepreneurship & sales, innovation / design thinking, and teamwork) where students connect academic and technical knowledge and skills to engage in real-world business problems, projects, needs and ideas. Students will have the opportunity to learn in courses taught by Sun Prairie School District teachers and also be guided by business/industry professionals as they work collaboratively with peers to provide real solutions to business/industry projects/problems.

Learn on the Go

Ability to work with our partners at their business/industry locations. Use of ACCEL labs and access to new and up to date equipment and technology.

Build YOUR Network

85% of all jobs are found through your network. People you know well, people you have worked with or worked for, or people who can speak on your behalf about your transferable skills and work. 70% of jobs are not even posted. Who do you know? Let us introduce you to employers in your community!

Experience Sells

As you move forward in your plans post high school, employers will look for those people who have experience for entry level jobs or internship opportunities. Through ACCEL you will develop the skills employers are looking for, professional level project experience, and the ability to tell those stories in interview settings.

Every Student Every Day

Not everybody is given the same opportunity to work part time jobs, gain real world experience or network on their own. ACCEL is bringing the opportunities to you. Our goal is to ensure every student in the SPASD school district has the opportunity to prepare themselves for life after high school through Professional Experiential Learning opportunities.