“My favorite experience in GFS was working with our farm partners.  Talk to different farm owners from around our community, working with them, how their farm ran, what problems and solutions they had.  Then we actually got to do a project with one of those farm partners on real problems they had and helped find solutions.”  – Morgan H. 


“I have done marketing projects in class and it’s like ok, I did it, but to do a marketing project for a real company was such a different experience. I would definitely recommend the Academy to others, especially if you are bored with the traditional learning environment, this is a cool opportunity to do your own thing and get some real world experience.”   – Alwin C. 


“It was super cool to learn the AP Environmental Science but diving deeper into the agricultural and societal impacts made it that much more real.  Having multiple teachers with their own expertise and listening to them bounce ideas off each other and be able to come up with cool products and projects for us.  Being able to talk to more than one teacher and have multiple ways to receive help and support was super awesome.”               – Aiden E.  


“GBA has allowed me to make an impact in the community. It’s presented many unique challenges and opportunities that are relevant to the real world. The class is very flexible and allows a lot of input which maximizes creativity.”  – Grace K