What did your company or you specifically gain from working with ACCEL? 

The students in the ACCEL program collaboratively completed a project that could have also been done by college level interns.  They were systematic in their work, used known business project management and work models, and presented very clear and detailed materials in response to our project request.  We had the opportunity to share their work within our organization and many of the recommendations that the students made have already been implemented.  The work was of exceptional quality!  In fact, others in our firm commented about how the work-product completed by the students is on par with what we would have obtained from an outside marketing firm.


What advantages do you believe ACCEL offers students interested in the business fields? 

The design of the ACCEL program provides students foundational skills applicable in a variety of business settings.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to explore various types of businesses and careers within those fields.  By engaging in this program, students have an opportunity to explore their interests, learn more about the businesses in our region, and experience the satisfaction of completing a task that contributes to an organization rather than just a simulated experience.  


What advantages do you believe ACCEL offers students interested in the agriculture, sustainability and conservation fields? 

We train people in high school basic subjects, then students go off  to study something very specific.   This course in high school can bring the opportunity to these students to understand what  Ag, sustainability, and conservation is.  It is so much different than what people see in the public realm.  Because a lot of people do not have this background and don’t know how their food is grown or where it comes from.  We feed the world.  Without these fields we won’t exist.  To understand the balance between Agriculture and Society or just the population in general is such an advantage to these students.  Not only growing the food but sustaining it and if you are taking care of the sustainability side, the conservation piece comes in naturally because if you are not taking care of the land and agriculture we aren’t going to be productive long term.